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With billionaires and foreign interests owning all the USA’s media; do you think they’re empowering or manipulating you?

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Billionaire Warren Buffet owns 65 newspapers and GEICO.  It’s not in his business interests to inform you that auto insurance can be cheaper through state shared risk pools.


Billionaire and Australian Rupert Murdoch owns FOX, the Wall Street Journal and is friends and business partners with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  He doesn’t empower us.  He manipulates us in support of his “global” enterprises.

With profit and not truth as the driving force behind the delivery of news, billionaire media owners are looking to give more for less.  Across the nation newspapers have folded.  Newspaper reporters have been laid-off.  Content companies like one formerly called “Journatic” cut deals with publishers like the Chicago Sun-Times to deliver news about local communities in the USA that was written by writers in India and the Philippines using fake names for $6 and $12 a story.  Over 350 of these fake-bylined “local” foreign-written stories were published in the Chicago newspaper.

African American and Hispanic newspapers and magazines like Ebony and Jet have lost relevance and interest to the core communities they once served.  Radio stations that once all carried local news are owned by broadcast conglomerates that haven’t invested a dime in empowering local minds.

Today publishers are seeking ways to deliver news through “artificial intelligence” instead of real human, truth-digging reporters.  

Donate to help deliver more and daily reporting from real writers digging for facts that expose and share “truth” citizens of the USA can use for empowerment.

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All donations are allocated entirely to operating expenses that grow the website and support legal fees to pursue our truth-telling mission.  Corrupt government officials don’t give up public records easily even in states with liberal open records laws.  When they resist will fight.

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Eric Jonathan Brewer, Founder 

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