Rib joint manager unemployed after attacking customer on social media

CLEVELAND, OH – Unemployed B&M BBQ ex-manager Octavia Gunten’s academic and literacy skills were widely-displayed on Facebook when she wrote a response to this writer’s post about the high-priced food and long wait for it in a “fast food” drive-through line.  Instead of refunding money  for an order that had not yet been prepared, Gunten told this complaining customer B&M’s only offered exchanges for food so he might as well wait.  Over 30 minutes for three thighs, a small fry, a barely-full container of cold collard greens, with sauce on the chicken and fries, for $11.35.

Nearly 500 people joined this writer in exposing how the store Gunten managed for the B&M franchise that appeared on “The Food Network” was the chain’s worst for service.  A second post the next day generated an additional 500 complainers and a response from B&M owner Greg Beckham’s wife, Sonya Sterling-Beckham and Gunten their manager.

Sonya Sterling-Beckham added her own nasty and defamatory social media insults to her manager’s about a customer who complained of poor service they received from B&M BBQ.

Instead of addressing the complaints raised by more than 1000 former customers, both Sonya Sterling-Beckham and Gunten published defamatory statements about this writer as a complaining customer that had nothing to do with the way he was treated in Greg Beckham’s business under his family’s name.  Greg Beckham and his brother Anthony both use the B&M name but they’re not partners. 

This writer previously shared how Sonya Sterling-Beckham’s response was straight from the hood.  She defamed me by falsely describing me as being intoxicated in her store and sought to discredit my service in office as the City of East Cleveland’s former mayor.  She maliciously and falsely claimed I engaged in “disturbing behavior” while in office,  but accepted no responsibility for the service or wait.  I was lying about the length of time it took, according to Sonya’s “lying-with-her” manager.

The Beckham’s B&M manager, Octavia Gunter, maliciously and falsely claimed that I was intoxicated and lied that I disrespected her when I asked for a refund.  She also lied that I used “profanity” even though the service would have deserved it.

Since this writer has not stepped foot in the B&M store on Lee Road in Cleveland to learn anything about the fate of the store’s manager or its current appeal to customers, fans who follow the franchise provided me with information that Gunten was no longer a B&M employee.   

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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