Evil video shows laughing abortionists making dead babies dance

The origins of the video are unknown but what’s in it is clear.   Two pairs of hands are shown holding two human beings facing each other who have been killed while removed from the bodies of their mothers.    The umbilical cords are attached. 

Giggling medical personnel are heard in the background.  One uses their mouth and voice to make the “beat box” sound made popular during the 1980’s by rappers.  Another is heard counting, “one, two, three.”   The two medical personnel holding the dead and unborn human beings who’s lives they took begin making them dance like puppets to the laughter of their onlooking co-workers.

The beat box sound stops.  The hands hold the unborn human beings lets their lifeless bodies fall back to the silver tray. They walk away.  It’s the only time the children whose lives they took will ever dance.  Viewers can see one of the children has a hole in the neck. 

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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