Dildo wielding ex-cop is now a registered Lakewood sex offender

Lakewood is the new home of this former Middlefield resident after wife gets the marriage he wrecked dissolved

LAKEWOOD, OH – For the next 15 years Kenneth R. Bolton has to register with the county he lives in as a sex offender because he rubbed a dildo between the legs of two women stopped for an East Cleveland traffic violation in 2017.   Bolton was convicted in October 2017 and sentenced to 6 months at Allen Oakwood Correctional Institute in Lima. 

Bolton’s attorney, Fernando Mack, filed for judicial release to get the sex freak ex-cop out of jail after two months.  He’s now living in Lakewood on Woodward.  His wife, Tiffany, finally got a probate judge to dissolve the marriage she filed to end in 2014 on November 29, 2018.

According to state sex offender records, Bolton is employed in Medina for a tobacco and cigar business connected to two of his former co-workers.

Registered sex offender and ex-Cleveland cop Kenneth R. Bolton now works for a Medina cigar company connected to ex-offender tax cheat and tobacco trafficker Scott Gardner. The dirty cop was recently promoted to “captain” by East Cleveland Mayor Brandon King and now leads the city’s detective bureau.

One is a Scott Gardner who heads East Cleveland’s detective bureau as a police captain.  Gardner originally owned the tobacco and cigar store that employs Bolton with his partner, Phillip Labondano, under the name “Medina Cigar.”  The two were charged in 2014 with felony trafficking in tobacco products, non-filing and non-payment of taxes by Medina County Prosecutor Dean Holman for running their criminal enterprise.  Both pled guilty to misdemeanors.

Gardner was indicted by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley less than two months after his Medina county indictment on felony charges of failing to report over $22,000 in income.  Gardner also didn’t pay employee withholding taxes.  His second guilty plea brought misdemeanor instead of felony convictions in the second county.

After his Medina county indictment Gardner and Labandano appear to have entered a relationship with  ex-East Cleveland cop Matthew Balli when Ohio’s Secretary of State dissolved Medina Cigar, Inc. for non-payment of taxes. 

Balli then created a new name for the 307 E. Washington Street address with Ohio’s secretary of state and did not register “Medina Cigar & Tobacco” as either an LLC or corporation.  He registered only the name.   

It is unknown to EJBNEWS at this time if the “new management” at the business Gardner turned over to him is under Balli’s “MJPB Holdings, LLC” he registered with the secretary of state on December 10, 2012.  Balli is also shown as incorporating GNM General Contractors on April 8, 2008.

Matthew Balli of LItchfield, Ohio registered a new name for the business Scott Gardner and his partner owned and put up an “under new management” sign to keep the business alive. Balli is second from the right and is now one of sex offender Ken Bolton’s new bosses.

Like Gardner, Bolton’s current boss has his own checkered history with the East Cleveland police department.

In 2000 Balli drove an East Cleveland police vehicle into Geauga county to Chesterland where he assaulted a woman who’d ended their relationship.  After the assault Balli fled Chesterland police who finally caught and arrested him.

In 2007 Balli threatened to shoot the city’s former mayor in the “back of th e head.”  Balli, Gardner and Bolton were all employed with East Cleveland.

Currently, Balli is a “person of interest” in a federal investigation of the New Amsterdam police department where he was once listed as being “appointed” to the city by a mayor who’d never met him. 

David Cimperman, a former East Cleveland cop, added at least 12 of his retired and current city cop buddies like Balli to New Amsterdam’s roster.  The part-time chief of police then forwarded the information to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy managed by the state’s attorney general without the mayor’s knowledge or approval. 

The scheme was to let Balli and the other 11 ex-East Cleveland cops keep peace officer credentials so they could work for Gardner’s C-PACS armed security business and Tenable Protective Services.   Cimperman purchased two public safety vehicles through New Amsterdam’s purchasing department, according to the chief of police who replaced him.

Bolton’s name and picture do not appear among the workers employed at the Medina Cigar & Tobacco shop now  under Balli’s “new management.”  The business is listed only as his place of employment and does not describe what he does for the business that’s about a 30 minute drive from his Lakewood residence.

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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