Mason charged with murdering wife and gets another appointed judge

Anger high over murder of Shaker Heights mother and school teacher as case heads for trial while killer ex-judge on jail suicide watch

Aisha Fraser and Ronald B. Williams were engaged to be married before Lance Mason murdered her in a jealous rage.

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH – Lance Mason has been charged with aggravated murder, murder, felonious assault and violation of a protection order for killing the mother of his two daughters, Aisha Fraser, on November 19.  But just like in 2014 when the county’s judges took a pass on presiding over their former judicial colleague’s domestic violence trial, citing conflicts of interest, Mason’s been assigned a judge from Stark County who’s been blasted for giving a sex-offending school teacher 30 days in jail for having sex with a student.  The ex-judge entered a plea of “not guilty” and was held on a $5 million bond.

Stark County Judge John Haas will preside over ex-Cuyahoga County Judge Lance Mason’s murder trial.

Cuyahoga County’s docket shows Judge John G. Russo passed on the case and transferred it to Stark County Judge John G. Haas.  Haas is facing criticism in Stark County for a decision he made this year to give a 30-day jail sentence to McKinley High School teacher Tiffany Eichler earlier this year.

Mason attacked and murdered his ex-wife at the Shaker Heights duplex she owned and rented in part to the ex-judge’s sister, Lynn Mason.  The home was the safe space the court designated as a location for the two of them to interact with their children without contact with each other.

Fraser’s fiance`, Ronald B. Williams of Atlanta, Georgia, said the woman he planned to marry was very security-conscious about Mason.  She didn’t trust him.  There was no chance of reconciling despite his desires.

A source close to the family told EJBNEWS Mason erupted in anger after learning Williams had spent time alone with his two daughters and was about to marry Aisha.  The source said Lynn couldn’t calm down her brother who laid in wait to ambush his ex-wife.

Mason stabbed Fraser and then nearly decapitated her with a garden hoe.  His sister is heard calling 911 to report the crime while it was taking place.

Mason called attorney Fernando Mack and a friend after murdering Fraser.  The source said he drank bleach in an effort to kill himself.  Mason then stole Fraser Audi station wagon to flee.  He struck and seriously-injured a Shaker Heights police officer while trying to leave.  

Mason was arrested and hospitalized to deal with injuries from the crash and those he sustained, internally, from drinking bleach.  

Eric Jonathan Brewer
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