Roger Ashley’s accused killer still not caught

Family can't understand why cops can't catch him and Cleveland reporters didn't even show the victim's picture

Black Cleveland residents are getting a taste of "old school" news reporting from local newspapers and television stations that simply report black deaths as just another black man or woman dead. No pictures. No interviews with relatives. No trying to get an understanding of the victim and his or her connection to the community they lived in and the people who knew them. Just a stock photo of a cop car or yellow tape with a few brief details that someone was shot to death. The dehumanization of black people in the mainstream media has never ended.

EAST CLEVELAND, OH – Roger Ashley’s murder makes no sense.  He and his brother left together after a November 19th family visit and decided to stop at the GAS USA across from Shaw High School and the Sunoco.  His brother said “the best corned beef sandwiches are in the ‘hood.” 

Ashley, 38, lived in Euclid but was raised in East Cleveland and liked corned beef sandwiches.  The stop was routine.  The events that took his life were not.

The witness to Roger Ashley’s cold-blooded murder is 100 percent certain that Ernest Phillips is the shooter. “I’ll never forget his face,” the witness told EJBNEWS.

Ernest Phillips was already in the store when the two men arrived after 1:30 a.m.  Roger went to order a sandwich.  His brother walked towards the beverages.  Phillips approached from the opposite direction and told him to “get the fuck out of the way.”

The brother said, “I ain’t on that” and kept it moving.  He described Phillips as a “bum type dude” who looked like he had nothing to lose.  The brother said he wasn’t getting into any beefs with someone like him.

After getting his sandwich the brother said Roger asked what happened and he said “nothing.”  To him the encounter was brief, pointless and over.   The seconds that followed were a blur.  All he remembers seeing his Phillips shooting his brother and turning to run.  He thought to grab him but knew the only life he could save “might” be his own.

The GAS USA across from Shaw High School is where a man said Ernest Phillips shot his brother to death over nothing.

The brother told EJBNEWS he ran next door to Boyd’s funeral home and hid behind the fence.  He could see Phillips looking for him as he hid.

He left his hiding spot when East Cleveland police arrived.   The witness’ brother, a husband of 16 years and a working father of four, was dead.

Ashley’s relatives told EJBNEWS they were reached out to by detectives Kenneth Lundy and Ernest  Stanford.   Despite possessing surveillance video showing Phillips’ face, and a Facebook profile that matches, East Cleveland cops have not arrested him.

East Cleveland detective Kenneth Lundy was called a liar by U.S. District Court Judge Solomon Oliver and changed his name after a controversy in Lucas County. Now he’s an East Cleveland detective investigating homicides without police credentials.

Lundy has been under investigation for performing a peace officer’s duties without  current and valid Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials.  He has twice been ordered by the state to stop wearing a weapon and performing a police officer’s duties.  U.S. District Court Judge Solomon Oliver called him a liar. 

Lundy has been investigated twice by law enforcement agencies that employed him; and changed his name from Kenneth Disalvo to Kenneth Lundy after a Lucas County investigation.

Ashley’s relatives told EJBNEWS that neither Lundy nor Stanford have been able to catch Phillips.

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant
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