Ex-wife Mason murdered planned to remarry

Successnet founder George Fraser's niece was nice to children's father but wasn't reconciling with him

Successnet Founder George Fraser’s family is mourning the loss of niece, Aisha Fraser, who was murdered by her former judge ex-husband, Lance Mason.

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH – The niece of Successnet founder George Fraser told her ex-husband she was planning to remarry and that her fiance` was moving in with her and their two daughters before he stabbed her to death. 

In ex-Judge Lance Mason’s mind the chance for the reconciliation he wanted with ex-wife and Shaker Heights 6th grade teacher Aisha Fraser-Mason was over.   So was her life when he stabbed her in the neck in front of their children.  So was his.

The Shaker Heights tragedy has twice shocked greater Cleveland’s black community among the people who knew them both.   

No one expected Lance, while the only  black male on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, to snap and use his fists to pummel his wife’s pretty face while driving along Van Aken. 

No one expected to learn he had a huge cache of weapons that included a silencer; or that he stockpiled ammunition in their home.

No one expected him to snap again on November 17, 2018 and take her life when his own seemed to be improving before he learned she was moving on with hers.

Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth Johnson said Lance Mason looked upbeat at city hall the day before he murdered his wife.

Ward 4 Councilman Ken Johnson said  Aisha taught his children and the couple didn’t live too far from him.  He saw Lance regularly when he walked the neighborhood and he always stopped to talk.

Johnson said he saw Lance at city hall the day before he murdered his wife and the man seemed upbeat.  The news, he said, came out of nowhere.

“No one expected this,” he said.

Successnet’s George Fraser, Aisha’s uncle, wrote on his Facebook page that his family was “mourning the death of one of the greatest nieces a family could ever have.”  He shared that “heaven just got a magnificent angel.”

The ex-judge isn’t finding much sympathy from Clevelanders on social media who are weighing in on the tragedy. 

Deborah Johnson shared her thoughts on EJBNEWS’ Facebook page. 

“Men stuck by his side because a lot of them feel that sometimes you need to beat your woman. It use to be legal to whip your wife. Remember who makes the law. Man makes the law and is allowed to break it if you are in law enforcement,” Johnson wrote.

Some are calling for the death penalty.

Sharita Barnes wrote, ” Just horrific! Those poor babies. Sick Bastard! Strap him down, Poor gasoline on his pathetic ass and light the match. Prayers and condolences to Aisha kids and her family.”

Rich Lucky shared some insights for couples who are embroiled in highly-emotional relationships.


Tonya Duquesne, “The saddest part is that even after he beat her and disrespected the children, the Queen STILL gave the brother a chance he DIDN’T deserve….then he FURTHER traumatises his OWN children further one last time….I hope for the death penalty. May the ancestors welcome the Queen home.”

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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