Murder-suicide in Cleveland reporter’s slaying in trailer park

Nicole Delamotte-Ullman's Facebook photo

Nikki Delamotte was shot to death by her loner uncle she hadn't seen in 15 years after she tracked him down for a reunion

CLEVELAND, OH – Robert J. Delamotte, 67, appeared to be living a quiet life in the Friendly Village mobile home park in Wood County, Ohio’s Perrysburg Township, until his niece, Nicole Delamotte-Ullman, tracked him down and paid him a visit.   There doesn’t appear to be anything nefarious about Nicole’s reasons for reaching out to an uncle she described in a Facebook post on October 14, 2018 as not having seen in 15 years.

Nicole’s grandmother had died on on September 21, 2018 and it took her to her hometown in Toledo on October 13th to attend her funeral.  According to her Facebook post and similar statements in published reports, she found her uncle Robert walking and reconnected.  November 11, 2018 was the day she visited him to spend some time after leaving her mother’s home around 4 p.m.  When she didn’t return home her mother called police the next morning … worried.  There was no reason in the police report EJBNEWS obtained from Perrysburg police as to why.

Joanne Ullman told the Toledo Blade her daughter is beautiful “and no one should have ever hurt her. And that’s all I’m going to say.” 

Perrysburg police are treating the deaths as a “murder / suicide” for right now.  They identified Richard Delamotte, 65, as being present.  No one was taken into custody.

In Robert Delamotte’s trailer police found two handguns.  One was a Ruger LPC. The other a Taurus .380 revolver.   The report doesn’t reveal whether the guns were owned by Nicole, Robert or both.  EJBNEWS is waiting to confirm whether or not Nicole had a concealed carry permit.

Diane Powell manages Friendly Village and she described the community as tight-knit where everybody knew each other.  Residents live as close as five feet from each other she said.  The community has zero reputation as being a nuisance for police. 

Powell said she thought it was strange for two people to end up shot to death and no one heard or saw anything.  She politely says nothing about Delamotte, personally, out of respect for his privacy as a resident.  It also seems to be the point of how he lived.

Perrysburg Township police sergeant David Molter Jr. has served the community’s residents for the past 10 years.  He has no recollection of “a” Delamotte being involved in any drama.   There’s been no other violent deaths at Friendly Village during his time as a police officer.

A review of the Wood county auditor’s website shows no Delamotte as owning property in the county.  He’s not identified as being involved in any local or county court actions.  There’s nothing on him in nearby by Lucas County … either.

Records at the Wood County board of elections show Delamotte registered to vote for the first time there in July 2012 and voted in the November general election.  There’s no record of him transferring voter registration records from another county. He hasn’t voted since November 2012.

Delamotte had no Facebook page and none of the Delamotte’s connected to his niece make reference to him.    Delamotte “appears” to have no wife or children his neighbors knew him to talk about. 

Published reports have identified him as a man who lived alone and appears to have wanted to be left alone.   Whatever drama connected him to his family was in his past as publish reports described him and them as not communicating with each other.  


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