FOX, Dershowitz lied on Farrakhan about “death to America” quote

Farrakhan almost cuss'd out the Press TV reporter who asked him to lead it but lyin' FOX and Dershowitz won't tell truth

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – The FOX NEWS report written by Caleb Parke that Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan lead a “death to America” chant in Tehran, Iran is a lie.  FOX NEWS commentator Alan Dershowitz made himself look like a complete fool on national television by asking Democrats to condemn Farrakhan for comments that he not only didn’t make, but that appeared to piss him off when asked to lead it by a PRESS TV reporter.    

The Final Call released a complete audio-recording of his November 8, 2018 news conference in Tehran at Press TV’s offices.  When a Press TV reporter who spoke loud and crisp English revealed how Israeli and U.S. reporters were spreading the “death to America” lie even while he was holding the news conference, he asked the minister to lead it as a show of solidarity. 

PRESS TV REPORTER:  “Are you willing to chant the slogan of death to the United States?   Because you are a person who is living in the United States and you are a person who is exposed to some of the policies that are carried out against you in the United States.  The black community is humiliated.  You are a black person and you are a Muslim.  

MINISTER FARRAKHAN:  No. I will not do that.  I will not do that.  I will ask who sent you to ask that question?  You seem to be one of those who are paid at Press TV to provoke that.  That’s not my chant.  (Reporter interrupts).

MINISTER FARRAKHAN:  No. Listen to me.  You asked me a question.  Your question … your question.  I heard you.  But I also heard something else about you that I don’t like.  You want me to chant because they lied on me and said I led a chant.  I know the chant came from the people of Iran.  And this sanction is what’s hurting the people of Iran.  They have a right to chant it.  But I’m not a chanter.  I’m a worker for God. But the truth will undo falsehood.  And the righteous will win against the wicked not with a chant, but with actual words and deeds.  I don’t like your attitude, man. I don’t like that.

MINISTER FARRAKHAN:  I’m not just listening to your questions.  God is showing me your motives.  I’m addressing with anger your motive. I know the question.  I don’t like it.  I’ll take one or two more questions.  If you have not heard me yet, then I’m wasting my time.

The Press TV reporter’s question came minutes after Farrakhan had answered a question about the power of the press.

President Donald Trump’s words of criticism of the United States government’s “murderous” acts are no different than the thoughts shared by U.S. citizen Minister Louis Farrakhan. Trump’s response is quoted exactly in the meme of his interview with Bill O’Reilly when the reporter suggested he should be tough on Russian President Vladimir Putin because he’s a killer.

“What good is the press if the press won’t write truth?  If we are afraid to speak the truth, to correct anything that is wrong in government; that’s the beauty of the press.”

He also said he was more of a patriot than U.S. citizens who are silent about the nation’s evil against its own citizens; and he told lying agitators like Dershowitz that he was returning home.

Farrakhan issued a flat-out denial of the lies FOX and Dershowitz were spreading.

“I never led a chant that called for the death of America or Israel, contrary to misreporting in U.S., British and Jewish publications and the intentional, malicious and false reinterpretation of my words. There is nothing more important than truth today. The truth of anyone and anything is enough to condemn any individual or institution. But to make media mischief by altering my words from their places is a betrayal of the right to free speech, the blessing of a free press and a violation of the people’s right to know. It is wrong and shameful that journalists and news organizations that should seek the truth would traffic in such lies.

I never led a chant calling for death to America. To say otherwise is a blatant falsehood and an attempt to paint me as an enemy in a very dangerous time as tension rises between America and Iran and nations around the earth reject unjust sanctions and heavy-handed U.S. foreign policy. I asked a question about how to pronounce the chant in Farsi during my meeting with Iranian students and an examination of the video shows just that. My point was to engage students in a talk about what gives a nation perpetuity versus that which undermines and destroys a nation. Evil, falsehood and violation of divine law doom nations to destruction, and the holy books of the world’s three greatest monotheistic religions warn us of such. So if Iran is moving as a nation to obey God’s law, to respect and educate women and to pursue righteousness, she is on a right course. And, if America has violated the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the indigenous people and destroyed them, and if she has done the same for the Black and the Poor, America has not only violated Constitutional principles, she has disobeyed divine law and stands to be judged by God for her wrongdoing. And, American democracy, unfortunately, has always leaned toward and protected the interests of the White, the Rich and the Powerful.”

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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