“Lynched,” not “suicide”, says St. Louis activist Danye Jones’ mother

Facebook censors mother's message by removing photo she posted of the image she woke up to of her dead son

ST. LOUIS, MO – County police are claiming her son Danye Jones’ death is a suicide.  Activist Melissa McKinnies says the county’s cops are wasting their time.  Her son didn’t commit suicide.  He was lynched.  Investigating a suicide instead of a murder is letting the murderer’s trail go cold, she believes. 

McKinnies held a news conference on November 11, 2018 and posted two images of her dead son on Facebook to dramatize the urgency of her demand; and to motivate police and the public to treat the investigation accordingly.  There’s no way Danye Jones was “ready to leave his mother,” McKinnies said.

Danye Jones’ mother, Melissa McKinnies, erupted in anger after St. Louis County police decided to investigate her son’s death as a suicide instead of a murder.

Facebook deleted McKinnies’ picture of her son and the nation’s mainstream media is not sharing it.  EJBNEWS does not believe in editorial censorship and is sharing McKinnies’ deleted post and the bloody picture of her son.  McKinnies said she wants the world to know.

The photos are violently dramatic and reminiscent of the more than 5000 uninvestigated and unprosecuted lynchings, beatings, shootings and maiming of black men, women and children white terrorists engaged in between 1900 and 1948 before Paul Robeson and W.E.B. DuBois filed a petition with the United Nations on December 9, 1948 charging the United States of American with “genocide” against black citizens of the nation.

We cite killings by police, killings by incited gangs, killings at night by masked men, killings always on the basis of “race,” killings by the Ku Klux Klan, that organization which is charted by the several states as a semi-official arm of government and even granted the tax exemptions of a benevolent society.

Our evidence concerns the thousands of Negroes who over the years have been beaten to death on chain gangs and in the back rooms of sheriff’s offices, in the cells of county jails, in precinct police stations  and on city streets, who have been framed and murdered by sham legal forms and by a legal bureaucracy.  It concerns those Negroes who have been killed, allegedly for failure to say “sir” or tip their hats or move aside quickly enough, or, more often, on trumped up charges of “rape,’” but in reality for trying to vote or otherwise demanding the legal and inalienable rights and privileges of United States citizenship formally guaranteed them by the Constitution of the United States, rights denied them on the basis of “race,” in violation of the Constitution of the United States, the United Nations Charter, and the Genocide Convention.

The investigation of a suicide instead of a murder is the type of diversionary tactics KKK-infiltrated and controlled police departments, coroners offices and prosecutors engaged in during the insidious period of U.S. history described in detail in “We Charge Genocide.”   None of the 5000 black deaths described in the civil rights document were investigated.

Danye Jones was found hanged by his mother in their back yard.

Jones is the third St. Louis activist found brutally murdered after protests of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of ex-Ferguson, Missouri cop Darren Wilson.

Darren Seals, 29, was shot in the head and his body was found burning in his car.

Deandre Joshua, 20,  was found shot in the head in  his car.  His body was also torched.

Edward Crawford, 27, according to police witnesses, shot himself in the head while seated in the back of a car with friends.

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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