Warden silences inmate calls day after FBI agents visit jail he runs

Photo from SCUMBAGGED website

FBI agents heard an earful about warden's violence towards inmates, deaths in custody and overall poor jail management

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH – One day after FBI agents visited the Cuyahoga County jail, warden Eric Ivey stopped citizens being held for trial or serving time from making and receiving telephone calls.   Control room deputies conducted a “red zone” lock down on outgoing and incoming calls throughout the day.

Those jailed were told two men were caught talking after 11 p.m. the same night FBI agents visited the jail.  The next day phones that are normally available between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. to inmates who purchase $25 phone cards were silenced.  Sources said rule violations usually result in the “pod” being punished and not the entire jail.

Prisoners in the Cuyahoga County jail were not allowed to make calls one day after FBI agents visited.

EJBNEWS learned of Ivey’s orders to control room officers from individuals who interacted with prisoners being transported back and forth between the jail and court the day after FBI agents visited the jail he’s accused of mismanaging.   Six people jailed for low level offenses have died while in Ivey’s custody in less than four months.  The FBI’s visit was described as the “talk of the justice center.” 

EJBNEWS’ sources said the visits generated calls from prisoners to their relatives who were calling Ivey’s office to complain about the jail conditions they’d shared with FBI agents.  An EJBNEWS source who complained that Ivey wasn’t giving prisoners toilet paper resulted in one roll being shared with prisoners in pods with 40 beds that are occupied by as many as 60.

Ivey’s management style and “$600 a pair of shoes” fashion-sense has brought ongoing drama with the jail and his battles with corrections officers and their unions. 

Union president Frank Hocker filed a “safety” complaint  earlier this month against Ivey.  Ivey’s allowed employees like Steven Keys with 32 suspensions and an NCIC / LEADS misuse complaint to keep a job.

The website “Scumbagged” describes a violent encounter between Ivey and a prisoner he slapped by the name of John Schmidt in May 2016.

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