“Trick” president’s lowlife battle with his ho’ on Twitter is a joke

Trump's a trick with money who acts like one of Jerry Springer's white trash hood rat guests when it comes to handling women

By Eric Jonathan Brewer

President Donald Trump woke up on October 16th with another woman on his mind other than First Lady Melania.  He was thinking about the porn star hooker his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen paid $130,000 after he paid her to be his mistress for over a year.

Why Trump picked a fight with his “nothing to lose” ex-hooker is his “yes.”  But Stephanie Cliffords aka Stormy Daniels didn’t hold back when she responded with a tweet that reminded everyone the president has a little dick.

Cliffords in street terms “went in” on Trump afterwards.  She wrote that he might have a taste for animals and smacked him on his punctuation.  She called him a “con” for added measure.  Trump claimed she knew “nothing about me.” 

In her book, “Full Disclosure”, and on Jimmie Kimmel’s television show Cliffords detailed how she knew more than a little about Trump.  Even down to the claim that he snacked on her vagina while she was menstruating.  Claims that Trump’s a “germaphobe,” she said, are not true.

Stephanie Cliffords shows host Jimmie Kimmel the mushroom and cap that best describes President Donald Trump’s penis from the position it was when she serviced it on her knees.

Clifford demonstrated a streak for being a sexually dominant woman when she literally “ordered” Kimmel to stand up so she could spank him with a magazine; just like she claimed to have spanked Trump.  Kimmel seemed startled at the strength of her command as wondered if he should “submit.” But he submitted just like Trump did; and Cliffords tore up that azz.

It was in pointing out the shape and size of the presidential penis she described as “tiny” to Kimmel where Cliffords scored some of her loudest laughs.  And it’s where she struck again in her tweet about the “tiny” dicked president Melania married for money.

Why he picked a fight with his ex-ho will be for Trump to explain to his wife.  But the president of the United States picking a fight with a ‘ho is something “family values” Republicans will have to explain to their constituents in November.

Eric Jonathan Brewer
Author, Investigative Journalist, Speaker, Politician, Consultant

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